How to still have your holiday, at home

That feeling of stepping off the plane and letting the warm air hit you, or enjoying a late-night stroll by the beach may seem like a distant memory now.

As many of us have had to postpone or cancel upcoming holidays, it can be difficult to recreate that holiday feeling of pure relaxation. If you’re looking to escape to your favourite holiday destination, without leaving the house, here are some of our favourite suggestions for how to still have your holiday, at home!

1. Get inspired by the local cuisine

Why not recreate the staple cuisine of your favourite holiday destination? If you’re missing a holiday to the Costa Del Sol, check out BBC Good Food’s Chicken and Chorizo Paella recipe – a perfect hearty family supper to enlighten your kids taste buds and let you experience a feeling of Spain.

Looking to get the kids involved? You can keep them busy by hosting your own pizza making workshop, inspired by the Italians. If anyone knows Italian cooking, it’s Gino D’Acampo, so get the kids to help you make this classic margherita pizza recipe – we can’t guarantee a mess-free kitchen though!

2. Costa Del… back garden

Although the sunshine may be limited in the UK, when the sun is out, there is no better place to kick back and relax than your own back garden. Although we may not all be lucky enough to have a pool in the back yard, a paddling pool will do for an afternoon ‘dip’ with the kids to cool off.

Now is also the perfect time to invest in some garden furniture (ordering online, of course). Sway in the wind and be the envy of your neighbours by purchasing a hammock or treat yourself to an al-fresco dining set and enjoy a BBQ.

3. Is that a garden or a beach?

If you’re missing the sand between your toes, why not turn a corner of your garden into a make-shift beach. Get out the kids’ sandpits to keep them entertained – you could even introduce a ‘best sandcastle’ competition to keep things exciting. To make this more relaxing for the parents, why not play and recreate the classic beach sounds. This YouTube playlist recreates the ocean waves in the Maldives to create the perfect relaxing holiday ambience.

For the adults, there’s no better time to make yourself your favourite fruity cocktail, get out the deck chairs and relax for the afternoon whilst the kids are busy building sandcastles.

4. Put the world on hold

The best part of being on holiday for many is the feeling of escape from our everyday, busy lives. With technology playing a massive part in our day-to-day, going on holiday and switching off, literally, can help you to truly relax.

Getting rid of reminders of time helps us to forget about the daily grind and enjoy living in the moment. Switch off the mobile, avoid checking your Facebook or Instagram accounts and try not to look at your work emails. Worried about how to keep the kids busy too? You could test their creativity skills by getting them away from the screen and get them heads down in creating some arts and crafts (see here for our arts, crafts and DIY fun suggestions for the whole family).

5. Have fun!

The most important thing to do when on holiday is…to have fun of course! Have a spare tent lying around? You could take a camping trip in your own back garden. Camp under the stars for a night with the whole family. Or, if you fancy some family fun rivalry, what better way to spend the afternoon than a water fight – a great, make-shift alternative to a swimming pool or waterpark. We suggest you commandeer as many buckets, tubs, water pistols, hoses and spray bottles as you can, fill them up and go wild!