10 ideas for you and your children to ease your Wanderlust while at home

When Wanderlust strikes you and your family, there is nothing better to ease that feeling than going a holiday. Obviously, that’s impossible at the moment, so why not try one of “Vrbo’s tips to ease your family’s wanderlust at home” and get inspired for your next family trip away! One day, the skies will clear and you will travel again.

1. Make a photo album (yes, an actual photo album!) of your latest trips

There are plenty of services online who make high-glossy paper photo albums from digital pictures to allow you and your family to relieve all those wonderful holiday memories

2. Learn a new language together

The language of your favourite travel destination! You will be able to put it to the test at some point

3. Bake some Easter treats from around the world

The website Sweet & Savor shows you the best deserts from 13 countries for a special Easter treat

4. Ask the children to draw their perfect holiday home

Check if they want a pool, big garden, their own room etc. and start your Family Trip Board with holiday homes that are after your children’s taste

5. Take the drawing a bit further and “build” the kid’s perfect holiday home

Use one or several shoeboxes, left over fabric, wallpaper, wood strips, foil, dough and your creativity to build your families dream holiday home you want to spend your next trip in

6. Play “Scattergories” with naming a city, a country and a landmark

This educates your kids and will increase their interest in seeing those places and sights

7. Make a Pi?ata

Let the kids get creative and teach them about the history of the Pinata and what it is about – don’t forget to fill it with surprises of course!

8. Go on a “Safari” in your garden

Set up or build your own tent in the garden, hide some “wild” animals between the plants and let the kids explore the real and build wilderness

9. Make paper planes

A very simple and easy way to get creative - inspire your kids to talk about previous holidays and look forward to your next flights

10. Cook your favourite holiday dish

Use the Family Holiday Insider’s list of ‘top dishes travelling families must eat while on holiday, recommended by local families to whip up some foreign cuisine!