The 10 best travel shows you can watch on Netflix

Whilst we’re all experiencing travel restrictions at this moment in time, there’s no reason why we can’t still experience new cultures, see beautiful landscapes and learn more about the world we live in via the comfort of our sofas.

If you’re looking for some light entertainment to watch on Netflix and escape reality for a bit, here’s our favourite travel based shows to watch.

1. Taco Chronicles

Taco Chronicles is a series all about the history of the beloved Taco, so be warned, don’t watch this show when you’re hungry. Depicted in its native language, Spanish, the subtitles allow you to be virtually transported to Mexico and inspired by the lovingly home cooked creations of the delicious Taco.

2. The Dawn Wall

Perfect for those who seek adrenaline-fuelled experiences on holiday! One of the most famous climbing destinations is El Capitan in Yosemite and the Dawn Wall, given its name because it’s the first object in the valley to be illuminated in the morning. The Dawn Wall had never been free-climbed until Tommy Caldwell and Kevin Jorgensen took the challenge on. This documentary follows the duo during years of training and discovers each climber’s motivation for attempting the world-record climb.

3. Jack Whitehall: Travels with my father

This comic TV show takes you to countries across the globe with comedian Jack Whitehall and his father. They explore new cultures, try new foods and speak to the locals – but they have plenty of arguments along the way. Sounds like the typical family holiday with adult children, doesn’t it? If you’re looking for some light-hearted relief, this is sure to get you laughing again.

4. The world’s most extraordinary homes

If you’re looking for some creativity in your life and thinking of renovating in the future, why not get some inspiration from taking a look inside some of the world’s most extraordinary homes. Travelling to India, Spain, Norway and Israel, award-winning architect Piers Taylor and actress/property enthusiast Caroline Quentin travel the world touring these beautifully unconventional homes.

5. Tales by Light

In this series, you follow the journey of photographers trying to get the perfect shot. Each episode follows a different photographer on their mission to capture elusive wildlife, unique communities and heartfelt themes – they take you on their journey, every step of the way and you leave with the appreciation for their work and the beautiful world we live in.

6. National Parks Adventure

This ambitious documentary was created by filmmaker Greg MacGillivray and narrated by the iconic Robert Redford. The duo explores the history and modern landscape of some of America’s precious natural assets – historic sites and untamed wilderness, it’s a show that makes you feel like you’re exploring America’s great national parks without setting foot outside your home.

7. Losing sight of shore

If you’ve ever had the pleasure of visiting Australia, you’ll know that for most it’s a long and gruelling flight – especially if you’re based in California. So, for a second, imagine that flight again; long isn’t it? Now imagine rowing the same distance across the Pacific Ocean. A team of four women known as the Coxless Crew shared the 8,446-mile, nine-month adventure and this documentary shows you how they managed to do it. With all the challenges, fun, and exhilaration, the team also raised thousands of dollars for breast cancer research.

8. Fish People

The sea is a big space, which most of the time gets overlooked. In this documentary, surfer-turned director Keith Malloy showcases people from all around the world that have a special relationship with the sea. From swimmers, to divers to photographers, you’ll uncover the life-changing power of the ocean across the world and how you could find purpose and meaning in the ocean too.

9. Pedal the world

Moving on from the sea, we’re now exploring the land. We follow this one man’s intense journey cycling 18,000 kilometres across 22 different countries and what’s more, he’s filming himself whilst doing it. Felix Starck’s self-produced documentary of his journey will have you itching to try something similar in the future and to get back on your bike!

10. Magical Andes

This series takes you on a journey from Argentina to Colombia and follows five characters who all share a deep connection to South America’s majestic mountains. We might not be able to travel right now but we can certainly experience the same wonders through our TV screens for the time being.