5 travel-themed board games for the whole family to enjoy

With many families having to postpone their upcoming holidays due to the current situation, families are finding new, creative ways to explore and learn about their favourite destinations within their own four walls.

Whilst many children of today are’ digital natives’, putting the iPads and consoles down to take part in a travel-themed board game is a great way to keep the kids entertained and a way to spend quality family time together.

Perfect for teaching the whole family about travel, different cultures and geography, here is our top 5 travel-themed boards games for the whole family to enjoy:

1. BrainBox: Travel the World Large Quiz Game – ages 3+

Travel the world without leaving your home and challenge the family to see who can fill up their passports with stamps the quickest by answering observation-based questions on over 70 countries. The perfect game for learning and exploring different parts of the world.

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2. The London Board Game – ages 7+

Choo Choo, all aboard! This game is perfect for those fascinated with Britain’s trains and transportation system. This nostalgic race around the historic railway networks of Britain will challenge families to travel to their chosen destinations whilst dodging any hazards and obstacles the board may throw their way.

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3. Days of Wonder: Ticket to Ride Europe– ages 8+

Jump on board this train ride adventure across Europe; from Edinburgh to Constantinople and from Lisbon to Moscow, your family are able to visit different cities from the comfort of your own home. Work together or individually to transport yourselves across the world and showcase your travel skills. Not sure what you’re doing? Just ask Alexa!

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4. Who Knows Where? – ages 10+

It’s time to put your family’s geographical knowledge to the test and travel around the world by locating famous places on the world map. With five categories including capital cities, major cities and towns, events and facts and famous tourist sites, the whole family will be able to learn and laugh along the way.

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5. Brainbox World: The 10 Minutes Brain Challenge – 8+

Test your families travel knowledge with this fast and fun memory game. This game is all about memory and observation rather than known facts, who’ll be able to recognise iconic images, capitals, flags, foods and much more? Maybe your family will discover places you’d love to explore in the future!

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